Textural 3-D Paintings 

Three Big Sunflowers

      $200       (40"  x   36")

Made with:  poster board, cardboard, lentils, and cotton

If Trees Were Paint Brushes

           $50      (24" x 20")

Made with:  paint brushes,  green butcher paper, paper towels, beads, chunks of dried paint, metallic thread

Ode To Van Gogh

$100             (41" x  29")

Made with:  Paper towels over canvas

Metallic Vase

$70           (24" x  21")

Made with: metallic paper, yarn, Asian Oak tree seeds and acrylic paint

Bowl of Apples

$50             (15" x 19")

Made with:  paper, scraps cut from paper cups and acrylic paint

Flower Garden

$80             (36" x 36")

Made with:  card board, yarn, poster board, cut up scarf, acrylic paint

Sunflower on 3-D Background

$75            (47" x 20")

Made with:  poster board, card board, dried lentils, paper, acrylic paint

Mosaic Framed Flowers

$70 (29" x  21.5")

Made with: poster board, felt, sequins, paper, & acrylic paint

Nude Vase

$70              (18.5" x  15")

Made with: cut up art book

$60              (17" x  14.5")

Made with:  yarn,  Asian Oak tree seeds, packing material and acrylic paint

Egg Carton Flowers

$60               (22.5"  x  18.5")

Made with:  cut up egg carton, cut up straw hat, poster board,

cut up fake leaves, mat board, acrylic paint

Be-Jeweled Heart

$40              (13.5" x 13.5")

Made with:  felt heart, button, foam board, various pieces of jewelry and whatnot

Yellow Flowers on a Scarf

$50                          (22.5" x 18.5")

Made with:  felt, flowered scarf, yarn, felt super hero dog costume, acrylic paint

Stamps and Heart

$50                 (19" x 16.75")

Made with:  real stamps, red and blue foam board

Jewelry  Burst

$50             (11.5"  x  9.5")

Made with:  all kinds of jewelry parts, beads, packing material and acrylic paint

Phone Case Vase

$50          (18.5"  x  9.5")

Made with:  a phone case, chop stick, thick paper and acrylic paint


$60             (18.5" x 15.5")

Made with:   artificial tulips, tag board, acrylic paint

Tulips and Roses

$60                   (12" x 12")

Made with:  artificial tulips, paper, tag board, acrylic paint

Crocheted Flowers

$50            (19" x 15")

Made with:  crocheted yarn, poster board, chunks of dried paint, pieces of cork, flower cut-outs, and acrylic paint

Hearts Galore

$50                        (17" x 21.5")

Made with:  cardboard, paper, foam board, nail polish, acrylic paint

3 Festive Vases

$50                         (17" x  20.5")

Made with:  magazine cut outs, poster board, plastic tubing, jewel stickers, acrylic paint

Straw and Felt Flowers

              $80              (65.5" x  23")

Made with:  lace, cut up straw hat , felt, straw, cardboard,      cut up trivet

Flower Parade

$60                   (35.5" x 17")

Made with corrugated cardboard, paper lid, poster board, straw and acrylic paint

Radiant Vase

$60         (17" x 15.5")

Made with: acrylic paint and lentils

Utensil Forest

                                                    $60          (21" x 19")

            Made with:  wooden kitchen utensils, puzzle pieces, beads, and cloth material and acrylic paint

Egg Carton Flowers in Meadow

$60              (17.5" x 15.5")

Made with:  egg cartons, poster board, cut up straw hat, cut up magazine map, acrylic paint

Cut Up Paper Cup Bouquet

$100         (36" x 51")

Made with:  cut up paper cups, felt, green scarf, strips of a cut up green cloth shopping bag, poster board, plastic jewels and acrylic paint

Sunflower in Purple Frame

$80 (15.25" x  18")

Made with:  poster board, paper plate, & chunks of paint and acrylic paint

Brass Bed

$100 (4 feet x 3 feet)

Made with: corrugated cardboard & acrylic paint

Three Wooden Cats

(4 feet x 19 inches)

Made with: carved wooden cats with a painted paper background, acrylic paint

Bird Staring at Flowers

$50           (14" x 16")

Made with:  chunks of dried paint, fake leaves and acrylic paint

Basket of Flowers

$60 (15.5" x  15.5")

Made with: one pair of broken earrings, poster board, & pom poms and acrylic paint

Crocheted Flowers

$50             ( 20"  x  16")

Made with:  crocheted and knitted yarns, beads and acrylic paint

 Plush Purple Poplars

$60                 (22.5" x 18.5")

Made with:  corrugated cardboard that my dog chewed up, beads and acrylic paint

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Landscape

$45                (21" x 17")

Made with:  All the scraps off my work table, including paper towels, bottle caps, felt, yarn, and bolts, ETC. and acrylic paint

Seven Trees

$60             (20" x 16")

Made with:  cardboard, dried lentils, white paper and acrylic paint

Yarned Landscape

$100        (33" x  26.5")

Made with yarn:  thick yarn (blue), finger knitted by my daughter (brownish), cut up (orange), stretched cotton and acrylic paint

High Relief Mountainscape

$100       (27.75" x  21.5")

Made with:  lentils, packing material, crumbled paper towels and acrylic paint

Bold Tulip

$80        (24" x 20")

Made with: continuous form paper with holes, paper and poster board

Autumn Tree

$60      (17.75"  x  14.5")

Made with: acrylic paint over wrinkled and gessoed magazine pages

Flowing Landscape

$150   (36" x  24")

Made with: cardboard scraps my dog chewed up

Ceramic  3-D Love Tile

$30                (10.5"  x  10.5")

Acrylic paint over ceramic 3-D tile

Heart Collage

$50 (12" x 10")

Made with: cut up socks, clay beads, two wooden hearts, one big clay heart, & acrylic paint

Ceiling Fan Blade Snowmen

$20 each    (tallest is 20.5" x  5")

Made with: paper, poster board, glitter on fan blades